Crash 321 adult chat - Xcode 4 resources not updating

If I try to use the old ones, it relies on caching. Are you trying to fetch those resources for another machine by re-running the resources command? I update (change colors, bevel, gradients) the icon with GIMP, run the resources tool and see that it does not pull from cache... Afterwards when I search the platform/ and resources/ folders for the new icon.png, the old one is still there and the new one only gets added to the drawable folder. WHY would you cache images on a development platform when they are most likely going to be updated VERY frequently. On Mac, "ionic resources --icon" generates the icons but these don't get picked up Xcode. Because of the server-side cache / checksum-check, i always got the corrupted images when running I'm having this same issue.

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I'm writing an i Phone app in Objective-C with Xcode and I have some Lua scripts that run on the device.

I'm having an issue where if I edit a Lua script, save, flick over to Xcode and Build and Run (⌘Y) the latest version of that Lua script is copied into the app bundle but not copied to the device.

The scripts aren't in the Xcode project, I edit them in Textmate.

I have a build step which copies the scripts into the app bundle and touches the files, this is being run fine and the latest script version is in the app bundle when I run the app.

If the checksum of the source image is the same then it'll pull the image from the cache, if not, I'll it'll upload a new image again. @cesarvega - I'm trying this right now with latest (1.4.0).

If I change my icon/splashscreen colors and run the resources command, it recreates the images. really annoying happened: One of the of Androids' resources was corrupted, which caused an error when building the apk.

The files have all been touched, but for some reason when copying the bundle to the device Xcode decides not to copy the latest.

If I stop the app and then Build and Run (⌘Y) again, the latest version is copied across.

After this I think you can replace them in the resources folder according the sizes. Why would you cache constantly changing resources in a development environment especially when those resources are not generated, designed or controlled by ionic.


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