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Backup Exec as a classic backup tool was ok, it could backup physical servers, AD, Exchange, Oracle database, SQL… It also had a great feature – ability to set the backup to run on the last day of the month. Because in 2014 there are still products that lack that feature.

Oh, and once you configured tape library, backup to tape worked quite well.

I have been using Backup Exec for most of my IT career.

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That no longer exists in 2012, cause it is it’s own product now. This is the worst god damned software on earth, bar none.

With that installed for 2010, you cannot upgrade to 2012 unless you remove it. Open Backup Exec, go to options or something like that and uncheck it. I swear, if the installation doesn’t like the color of the paint on the walls, it fucking throws a bitch fit.

Regular cleaning of the tape drive device is a normal maintenance process, which should be conducted regularly. Green's primary interests are information, investigation and technology.

She began her writing career creating technical documentation.

Backup exec has been a pain in the fucking ass for years and years and years. Every fucking time I touch backup exec to upgrade to the next version it fucking blows up in my face. I have submitted a ticket to Symantec, I’m sure I’ll hear back at some point in the next three to twelve years.

It is the last fucking backup software I would ever recommend these days, and it’s still the fucking industry standard. Ok, I’m not getting into how stupid that is, that’s a post for a different day. For the amount of money my client is spending on me to do this upgrade, on an installation that was running find I might add, they could have bought a whole redundant NAS device and backed up across the network with Robocopy, for Christ’s sake.If you have an expired maintenance contract or are running an older version of Backup Exec, this is your opportunity to renew your existing contracts and have a look at any new licenses of Backup Exec 15 including the new Capacity Lite offering.Backup Exec works seamlessly with new or refreshed Windows servers, applications, and VMware or Hyper-V virtual servers to round out a complete (and well protected) solution.Green has written for various websites and is certified in computer forensics and network administration.She has a bachelor's degree in business and a master's degree in information technology.Then of course, it asks for the 2010 installation disk. The internet is littered with people in the same predicament. You have to fill out a request form to have a sales person contact you regarding it. I need to go listen to some really loud Tool for a while.

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