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It was only in 2013 after the Jyoti Singh gangrape case that the scope of Section 370 was expanded (by the enactment of The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013) to criminalise not only slavery but any form of human trafficking of minors and adults.

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Homosexuality a taboo Homosexuality is considered a taboo in a largely conservative Indian society which appears to be divided on the controversial issue.

Freedom loving people (not necessarily belonging to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender or LGBT community) want homosexuality de-criminalised but many still consider it a “deviant behaviour” and not merely a question of one’s sexual orientation or preference.

This was after a report by this newspaper that four websites - of Flipkart,, and, are under the government scanner.

Recently, the crime branch of Delhi Police had asked the information & broadcasting ministry to look at the four after an e-mail complaint from one Harit Kumar about these "openly promoting and selling objectionable products illegally and showing objectionable content on their websites". "Our doors are open for any government agency to contact us and to fix any concerns if these exist.

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The boy’s father is quoted saying: ‘My child is in Standard 10 and has been a good student, but of late I saw a lot of changes in him. Initially, he did not respond to my enquiries, but later he told us the whole thing.

He said that the woman would also take him on outings.

The fact that the top court has departed from established practice of not hearing oral submissions on curative petitions is perhaps a judicial acknowledgement of changing social realities on the contentious issue.

The law Section 377 of IPC -- which came into force in 1862 -- defines unnatural offences.

IMbesharam, a company operating, that sells adult lifestyle or sexual wellness products, such as sex toys, kits, edible lingerie, lubricants, condoms, etc, online, claims it complies with all existing regulations.


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