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There are many different colors of wood fill, but since you’re painting your cabinets, matching the tone isn’t really a big deal (although it can’t hurt to grab the one that most closely resembles the color of your current cabinets). The sanding process isn’t always necessary (for example, our cabinets weren’t glossy so we skipped it and went straight to priming) but for some people with super shiny cabinets (aka: lots of polyurethane) it can’t hurt to run an electric sander over everything- or take a bit more time to hand sand things- with fine grit paper to rough everything up for maximum paint stickage. If they feel matte like a cutting board (a little absorbent) then they shouldn’t need it, but if they feel shiny like a laminated piece of paper or a glossy credit card then sanding is your best bet. Due to all the grease and even just the wood stain that often coats kitchen cabinets, it’s über important to get down and dirty with oil-based primer (even if the water-based equivalent claims that it works just as well on cabinet surfaces, we’ve seen stains seep right through that stuff, so oil-based is the better-safe-than-sorry alternative).Note: lead paint is a serious health risk when sanding, so if you have an older home with already-painted cabinets that look decades old it’s worth testing for lead with a lead test kit from Home Depot. One coat of primer applied with a decent quality roller should do the trick (then just use a brush to get into those tigher spaces and the grooves in the doors).To create this look, NVS Remodeling & Design used frameless Dura Supreme Cabinetry in maple, painting the perimeter units in a creamy white and the island in a surprising splash of yellow (Sherwin Williams Butterfield with Espresso glaze).

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Then it’s nice to wash everything down with a little soap and water to cut the grease and the spills that have built up on the doors and drawers over the years.

Nothin’ like a little sponge bath to get you in the mood to makeover your kitchen… Now it’s time to remove all of your hardware and your hinges (regardless of whether you’ll be reusing it or replacing it- and it helps to store everything in a big ziplock bag so you’re never short a screw).

I know many people want the “turn-key” ready house, but to me, that's boring.

Covered in creamy white, they just say cottage perfectly Paired with hardwood floors and beadboard and beams on the ceiling it's love when I walk into a room and see them. So it's safe to say that I didn't love them when I saw them... They were beautifully detailed with patterned grooves and they are thick- thick- thick pine-and original to the house.

Cabinet projects can be grand or small, salvaged, abandoned mid-project and then started over.

No matter the scale of the upgrade, altered cabinetry affects the look of your entire kitchen.

But Ashley's vision and hard work came together beautifully in an updated and lovely space: Let’s start with a little introduction…I’m Ashley – furniture painter, blogger, small business owner, decorator, wife, dog lover and wine drinker.

When I’m not busy running around with a paint brush in my hand, you’ll find me running around…literally. So, I guess two years ago when I declared that my Accounting desk job wasn’t really doing it for me anymore, it should have come to no surprise.

The modern look embraces drawer and door fronts with clean lines, reclaimed or sustainable wood products, and often open shelving above instead of upper cabinets.

Some are taking a very rustic approach, using barn or rustic wood on the cabinet fronts. wood kitchen cabinet debate, some designers have labeled the all white kitchen trendy but I disagree.

We spent Sunday evening laughing, eating, and grow tired of talking about it with friends and also with you! I won’t call it a trend because I think this one really is here to stay. For years we’ve all been on a mission to rid the world of 1980s builder grade grainy oak kitchen cabinets, and as a budget solution we’ve painted them for the better.


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