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is an epic action fantasy with lots of violence (chiefly via sword and hand-to-hand battle), though most of it isn't too gory (even decapitations and mutilations are shot in such a way that they aren't particularly graphic).

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The ancient pre-Islamic Arabs were into a strange custom known as wife lending.

This custom was not merely for gaining political or economic leverage—it served as an early form of eugenics.

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The gods enjoy drinking, and a couple of characters act drunk and/or hung over at different times.

The ancient-Egypt-set film stirred such a social media controversy over its predominantly white cast (lacking any discernable Egyptian or Middle Eastern actors) that the director publicly apologized for not making the ensemble more diverse.

Only men of distinction who possessed desirable attributes were allowed to have sex with another man’s wife. Children born out of this custom were considered the children of the husband, not the biological father.

Lending one’s wife was pretty straightforward: The husband would simply send her to the home of the chosen man, where she would stay until she got pregnant, whether it took days or months.

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