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The following year, he landed his first major film role in Little Secrets, opposite Evan Rachel Wood and David Gallagher.

Three years later, he starred in the Nickelodeon TV-movie Maniac Magee. Other film roles include parts in The Bondage, Black Irish, Man in the Chair, Snow Angels, The Final Season, One Last Thing..., The Forbidden Kingdom, Ceremony, The Brass Teapot and Red State.

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I think they're cute together and that they're a good couple.

The only reason people want her to date Robert Pattinson is because of Twilight's movie. On television, from 2001 to 2006, he had a recurring role as Elliott, the son of Jack Mc Farland, on Will & Grace. In 2007, he appeared in four episodes of the show 24 as Scott Wallace, a teenager taken hostage by a terrorist. We could probably do things a little bit faster this time, but who knows? (cross my fingers she dusent) any1 have info or link?Like any other true Hollywood romance, the twosome met on the set of the thriller We'd wrap our arms a bit tighter if we could, Juno, because Michael is one puppy-eyed hottie!

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