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Lucca: We had a couple of different bands that we played in before we started to take it seriously, but it was [my cousin] and I that were a team.My mom was the tenth of twelve of kids, so there was always a lot of family around.

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At around eleven on May 19th, 2011, the day after his show at the Rockwood Music Hall, I sat down with Tony Lucca at The Bean coffee shop to talk about his life and career for over an hour.

This interview covers his early childhood days as an actor on the Mickey Mouse Club to the release of his first CD in 1997.

Known for his time on the Mickey Mouse Club, he was the second runner-up for The Voice's second season.

His singing career began when he was three; he started child modeling when he was nine and began playing with his cousin, Cole Garlak, in Detroit bands when he was twelve.

Evan Amos: Hi, I just wanted to go over some simple questions and get those out of the way.

Your full name is Anthony James Lucca, is that correct?(Okay, maybe it was more along the lines of the new crispy M&Ms.) Yet Felicity didn't immediately live up to all the hype.A show about an intense college girl with some burgeoning stalker tendencies just wasn't catching on.Lucca: My mother's name is Sally, and she worked in the service industry for a number of years, then got out of that and into the wallpaper and paint business.My dad's name was Tony and he was an executive at General Motors.Bakdrop is setting a new standard for image quality by using Direct To Garment Digital Printing.


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