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μέχρι και το αγαπημένο φαγητό αποτελούν τον πυρήνα της υπηρεσίας Eligible Greeks η οποία μέχρι στιγμής αριθμεί περισσότερους από 580.000 εγγεγραμμένους Έλληνες.

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Large, creaking pipes run along the low ceilings, leaking at regular intervals. They are both mixed, with sinks for washing up, showers and toilets – a ceramic hole in the ground with space to squat. Most rooms have some kind of electric heater; those that don’t use insulating bricks with salvaged spiral elements that glow orange when hot.

The urinals are unused, as they are opposite the sinks used for washing dishes – a task undertaken almost exclusively by women. All families have access to cooking facilities, with one cooker or gas ring for each extended family.

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NGO offices occupy a short corridor to the left of the entrance, while a doorway to the right opens onto a large sports hall with scratched floors and broken lights.

From the far corners of the foyer, two large corridors lead off to a row of classrooms behind.

Τα κλεισίματα ματιού αποτελούν έναν τρόπο για να «σπάσουν τον πάγο» τα μέλη και σας ενημερώνουν πως τους άρεσε το προφίλ σας.

Δεν χρειάζεται να είσαστε Πλατινένιο μέλος για να στείλετε ή να λάβετε κλεισίματα ματιού.

Beyond the guardhouse is a courtyard, and beyond the courtyard, the dilapidated school building itself.


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