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As a parent, it is important for you to be there for your child and avoid feeling pity if things are not as smooth as you might hope for them to be.

Some people wrestle with this for years before finally deciding to do it.

Others keep their sexual orientation a secret for their entire lives.

At the same time, no one wants to date a control freak who doesn't seem to care about anyone else's ideas. One solution is to think of a few things that you and your date might be into and offer a some options! In general it's best to avoid going over the top on a first date.

As if screwing up your courage and asking out your crush wasn't hard enough, you then have to come up with an idea for the first date. Roses, dinner and dancing might be nice in theory, but the energy and expense involved can be overwhelming.

One expert featured on the site, Brian Pinero, is the director of the National Dating Abuse Helpline, the advocacy service provider behind

In his video, Fearing Your LGBTQ Child is in an Abusive Relationship , he talks about the importance of starting a conversation with your child and making sure that he/she knows that you care about them.

Support Your Child Although this time may be hard for you as a parent, it’s important that you are supportive and accepting of your child.

LGBT youth whose parents reject their identity are more likely to be depressed, use alcohol and illegal drugs, have unprotected sex, and even attempt or commit suicide.

Meanwhile, LGBT youth whose parents accept them experience much better mental and physical health, as well as increased happiness and well-being.

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