Blackberry folders not updating

In this case, you can set the zimbra Mail Mode to both so the proxy server connects to the mailbox server on port 8080 and the BES server connects on 8443.The BES server must be able to access *all mailstores* directly on ports 7071 and 443/8443.

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The task took hours to complete, but once done I deleted that account and re-created it using Exchange Active Sync protocol... It seems that the config out of the box can handle very small mailboxes, but I just can not get this large mail account (around 4GB) to sync.

There is not much in the Inbox but there are lots of other folders; some of them have as many as 5,000 messages apiece.

Snap now is "pay what you want" model, where you can support the developer by paying for Snap.

Snap is still free, but exclusive early access is granted to paying customers.

If your chat history is not saved to a media card (SD card), it will be completely erased after restarting your phone. We also recommend that you periodically export your chat history if you wish to have a copy of your important conversations outside of Whats App.

Note: It is not possible to restore chat history from another phone or from any exported chats.Below are some of the new features Black Berry added inside its BB10.3 update.As you can see, the platform had a lot going for it and I for one am definitely going to miss BB10. Like Android and i OS, BB10 has had support for folders for quite some time – since launch, in fact.The most common installation problems are due to the deviation from the step by step installation instructions outlined by the Zimbra BESConnector PDF Guide or from deviation from the installation prerequisites.References: Currently the Zimbra Proxy server does not proxy requests on Port 7071.All the components were there, save for apps, to make it a great platform but it just couldn’t deal with the swell of Android phones that surrounded it.


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