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Every quarter we issue a beautifully-printed Singles Events Calendar full of singles events in London and beyond our members can attend.Every RSVP London singles club event is hosted, so there'll always be someone to introduce you.Public transport – surely a goldmine of potential partners, as millions of Londoners use it every day?

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i'm some asian chick with tattoos, who smokes, and finds happiness in simple things like cheap pitchers and music. i like sushi, anime, hip hop (a lot), astrology, and beethoven. some of my favourite musicians are tribe called quest, pink floyd, nina simone, hiatus kaiyote, de la soul, biggie, and franz liszt. My husband is really supportive of me finally exploring a new side to my sexuality. I'm funny, easy going and very straightforward honest person. :-) Caring and loving, love to smile and have simple fun and have smart conversations about wide topics...hopelessly still romantic and searching for romance...defenitely searching for something at this point in my life...

Hiking, camping and martial arts (big passion of mine).

I'm shy so I hate messaging first, but if you think you'd be a good match then hmu!

In my seven years as a fully fledged Londoner, I can probably count the number of gentlemen I’ve met out and about on one hand.

An evening of wine tasting hosted by an award winning ‘wine educator’ whilst getting to know other singles either older women or younger men.

SOLD OUT March saw a gathering of Toyboy Warehouse’s finest at one of London’s finest bars.The first was in one of those uber-expensive, star-studded, overrated joints where a lime and soda will set you back the price of a prize pony and a mojito will cost you a limb. I’d dragged a friend along to ogle boys in bands and ended up dragging home the DJ, who hung around my life for a few months before scampering off with a piece of my heart in his record box.It turned out he was a kindly New Yorker, twice my age, who owned half of Manhattan. We all know where to find a sickly drunken snog on some sticky dance floor with some cider-blind so-and-so, but real romance in London remains elusive.With a chilled atmosphere in mind, we’re setting up the perfect event for you meet and chat with other singles.We’re taking all the pressure off standard singles’ events, with a relaxed vibe and delicious cocktails.And that’s just the start of it – then you have to find somewhere awesome to go.

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