Updating date in excel

The date changes when you open the worksheet or enter calculations. How can I make cells I10 and I11, with =TODAY() and =NOW() in them, respectively. I need this time to be updated every minute, is there a way for excel to automatically do that. Thanks in advance Public Next Scheduled Update As Variant Sub Update Date Time() Range("My Date"). Calculate Next Scheduled Update = Now Time Serial(0, 1, 0) Application.

A function's syntax refers to the layout of the function and includes the function's name, brackets, comma separators, and arguments.

The syntax for the TODAY function is: The function does not have any arguments that can be set manually.

Options for entering the TODAY function include: Since the TODAY function does not have any arguments that can be entered manually, many people opt to just type in the function rather than use the dialog box.

As mentioned, if the TODAY function does not update to the current date each time the worksheet is opened, it is likely that automatic recalculation for the workbook has been turned off.

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Hi guys, I am sure this question has been posted somewhere, but I was unable to find it using the search screen.

I have pasted results from a database query in excel.

TODAY uses the computer's serial date - which stores the current date and time as a number - as an argument.

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