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In further recognition of his achievements, Yao's former team the Houston Rockets will hold a special retirement ceremony for his number 11 jersey during the half-time break of their game against the Chicago Bulls on Saturday.

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But it was those small things that made me feel their warmth toward me. We’ll take it to the golf course.”I did not know what he was talking about.“My ride,” he said, pointing to a car that looked like some kind of military jeep. but the most important thing is, you have to be aggressive.” a few more times. I told him I had been dating the same girl since high school.“I met my girlfriend in high school, too! In my limited English, I asked him about his girlfriend and he told me all about her. I was trying to learn the plays, get to know my teammates, get used to the NBA schedule — not to mention the language barrier. He gave me time to make adjustments to my game in that first year.

My first week in Houston, the Rockets were having a charity golf event and Steve offered to drive me to the course. I still was not very confident with my English, but I was happy that Steve wanted to include me. He was talking so fast that I had to ask him to turn down the radio so I could hear every word. I learned a lot in those 20 minutes in Steve’s Hummer. Even though I could understand some things people were saying, I still had a translator with me all the time for the first year. He would always tell me to slow down in the paint, that I was playing too rushed. Back then, in the CBA, the game would usually slow down to the big man’s pace.

The first two aspects would enable you to place the dating of a piece of Ming blue and white to one of the 3 phases, early (Hongwu to Tianshun), Mid (Chenghua to Zhengde) or late Ming (Jiajing to Chongzhen).

To derive at an even more precise dating, we would need to examine the 3rd aspect.

It is the latest in a string of honours to be bestowed upon Yao; by far China's most successful import to the NBA.

In April 2016, he became the first Chinese basketball player to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, alongside the legends Shaquille O' Neal and Allen Iverson.Before Tianshun period, motifs were depicted using calligraphic strokes.From around Tianshun period onward, the potters started to apply a wash of blue over part of the motif such as the flower or clothing of human figure.less David Stern was a main player in getting foreign basketball professionals to come play in the NBA.Notable names include (not limited to) Akeem Olajuwon, Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Jonas Valanciunas, Ricky Rubio ... "It will be the maximum audience we can have because of the Chinese New Year.Houston, Texas named former NBA star Yao Ming as its goodwill ambassador on February 2, a date which will now be known as "Yao Ming Day" in the city.


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