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We don’t expect to see them on SW2 because it is in transparent mode, but SW2 should pass them on to SW3. So, the only thing we changed was to make the VTP domain name to match on SW2, which remained in VTP transparent mode.

However, neither does SW3 does have the new VLANs, nor has its VTP revision number changed. While documentation is good, it is not always completely accurate.

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The documentation clearly states that in VTP version 2 a switch in transparent mode will not inspect the domain name, but we can see from this test that it does appear to inspect the domain name and does not pass along messages that do not match its configured domain name. I will configure the same domain name on SW2, but leave it in transparent mode. Before you start configuring something in production or on a lab exam, be sure you know how it really works.

It’s a common discussion about when Cisco VTP protocol is actually forwarded through Cisco switches and when it’s isn’t.

Cisco’s documentation on VTP version 2 transparent mode states that it will pass VTP messages without inspecting the domain name. We are going to use the simple topology below to test this. Here is the VTP status of the switches in our topology.

Let’s start with a basic configuration for all three switches that we know will work. Only the default VLANs currently exist on these switches.

VTP minimizes misconfigurations and configuration inconsistencies that can cause several problems, such as duplicate VLAN names, incorrect VLAN-type specifications, and security violations.

A VTP domain (also called a VLAN management domain) is one switch or several interconnected switches sharing the same VTP domain.The only way we can remove VLAN 1 is through the “switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 1” command.But even when you remove VLAN 1 from a trunk port, the interface continues to sent and receive management traffic, for example, Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), Port Aggregation Protocol (PAg P), Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), DTP, and VTP in VLAN 1.Therefore VTP pruning can be applied only from VLAN 2 to 1001.Reference: Client mode we cannot create VLAN and Switch1 does not have any trunk links so it cannot receive any VTP updates.CCNP SWITCH VTP Protocol Features VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) is a Cisco proprietary feature.


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