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A key limitation was their reliance on self-reporting of medical history information by the study participants, which can introduce bias.Prospective studies, which are more rigorous in design and unaffected by such bias, have consistently shown no association between induced abortion and breast cancer risk (20–25).

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They were also home schooled, according to the Kansas City Star. Property owner Jennifer Hoevers, who rented the home to Michael and Heather, said she was shocked and disgusted when she went inside the property for the first time since they’d been jailed.‘It took my breath away,’ she told Fox 4.‘Fast food wrappers everywhere.

'Their house was horrible,' one woman who asked for anonymity told WSFA. There’s milk, rotting food everywhere.’ Hoevers said Michael and Heather Jones were ‘polite and respectful’ and showed interest in eventually buying the rural Kansas City home when they began renting more than two years ago.

Their goal is to relate practical applications of math, science, and engineering to the world around them.

The information in this Discover E section will help you plan activities for National Engineers Week or anytime you work with students.

These factors include early onset of menstruation, late onset of menopause, and factors that may allow breast tissue to be exposed to high levels of hormones for longer periods of time, such as later age at first pregnancy and never having given birth.

Conversely, pregnancy and breastfeeding, which both reduce a woman’s lifetime number of menstrual cycles, and thus her cumulative exposure to endogenous hormones (1), are associated with a decrease in breast cancer risk.

Each year, EWeek reaches thousands of schools, businesses, and community groups across the U. Changing the Conversation strives to encourage more compelling, effective communication to the public about engineering and engineers.

The National Engineers Week Foundation has joined forces with the National Academy of Engineering on this national campaign that offers research-based messaging, resources, and simple steps that you can take right away.

In addition, pregnancy and breastfeeding have direct effects on breast cells, causing them to differentiate, or mature, so they can produce milk.

Some researchers hypothesize that these differentiated cells are more resistant to becoming transformed into cancer cells than cells that have not undergone differentiation (2, 3).

The 31-year-old was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 25 years.


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