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my best friend just called me to ask what color he should wear to prom and I was like “um?? ” and he goes “well we have to match, so like what color is ur dress??” but he never asked me to go so I was kinda confused so I told him “hey, yeah since when are we going to prom?It was that time when you could easily switch majors (I switched mine about three times,) and during your underclassmen days you could put your emotions on the line & give love a shot.

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But when you reach senior year of college, the relationships you start (or consider starting) require a lot more effort.

Dear Straight Talk: I have full custody of a talented, intelligent, 15-year-old daughter.

” and the line goes silent for a bit and he very quietly whispers “shit.

For many students, the exciting thing about coming to college is prospectively experiencing a “This-Is-Me” type of transformation; goodbye, adolescence, hello adulthood.

Taylor, 15, Santa Rosa: This is common at my school when older guys can’t get girls their age.

When you’re in high school, having a thing for a guy or gal who is in a grade or so above you isn’t too uncommon.You’ve figured out the quirks of your teachers, whether attendance is part of your grade, and you’ve also realized that you might need to switch your study group.All the essentials you need to have a successful semester have become apart of your routine, but if you happen to be in your senior year of college, then your routine might be a little more stressful.Junior/Senior year I didn’t wake up late for class.I learned that it’s my time and money and education and I need to be there for that.”“During freshman year, I would eat anything I could get my hands on.Ever since then, my dietary restrictions have become a lot stricter and I tend to care a lot more.


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  2. Dating someone younger—whether you’re two or three years his senior or are talking cougar territory—certainly can work (look at Eva Longoria and her 4-years younger beau), but being an “older woman” in a relationship does tend to come with certain perks and downfalls.

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