Adult porn chat on ipad

How to get rid of this malicious Paysafecard Scam Virus from your i Phone/i Pad?

I’m only in my early teens, and was on an innocent website. I lost all use of my i Phone because of some use of a fake FBI notice thing. If you happen to see this FBI pop-up on your i Phone or i Pad, don’t be scared or pay the fine to unlock your device because this notice is not from any law enforcement agencies as it mentioned like FBI, Australian Federal Police, Metropolitan Police or U. If your phone is infected with the FBI virus, it will display a fake FBI notice taking over your web browser including Safari, Chrome or Firefox immediately.

It pretends to be the FBI and tells the victim the browser has been blocked because they have been viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content even though the victims have never done that before.

This virus used to relate to the aggressive and nasty ransomwares such as Cheshire Police Authority Virus or PCe U, Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus or RCMP virus and Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police virus and so on.

From its related ransomwares’ name, you may see that this virus mainly infects i Phone/i Pad users from European countries especially UK, Canada and Australia.

You even have no any clue on how this virus gets into your i Phone/i Pad.

You just visited some regular websites on your i Phone/i Pad.

Set age-based limits to restrict downloads from i Tunes and usage of apps, music and videos to content appropriate to your child’s age.

If you are concerned about the new apps that your child may install or of them making excessive purchases, use the Applications management function to disable the App Store, disable the i Tunes store, or simply prevent in-app purchases.

As soon as the notice pops up, you can’t use or exit out your safari. Paysafecard Scam Virus is classified as a malicious ransomware family which is created by vicious cyber criminals to trick computers and android phone users’ money.

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