Phone sex with web cam

Some sexual fantasies are meant to be shared and enjoyed by two (or more!

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You began panting like the dog you are as I spread open my legs and exposed my tight pussy.

Giving you a good look of my precious pearl, I sat on the floor and opened my legs all the way.

Once again I found you looking inside my window as I got dressed. Your wife stopped fucking you once she found your barely legal phone sex stash which just made it easier for you to do your dirt out in the open.

You’re well known around the neighborhood for lurking around people’s houses and jerking off your cock to the bodies of barely legal girls so I knew the type of show to put on for you once you came by.

But erotic fantasies have a way of demanding attention.

You long to confess your erotic secrets to another person. A person who shares your interest in this secret fantasy.

Whether this fulfillment comes in the form of viewing videos and pictures of our fantasy subject, reading erotic stories, or simply using our imagination during solo masturbation, our fantasies quite often, and sometimes quite intrusively and pervasively, demand our attention.

Efforts to suppress or ignore our secret desires often fail.

I began talking to you in my sweet voice and eventually told you to free your cock from your pants so I could see him in the flesh.


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