validating nursing skills - Mdt optimize the boot image updating process

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Updating the Deployment Share will allow you to build the ISO images you’ll need to boot your VM and build out your reference image.

When prompted, the default option “Optimize the boot image updating process” can stay selected.

If a VM has accessed this file, for example, a file lock will remain on this file until the VM is rebooted.

It is important not to assume that the error message is wrong without exploring all possibilities. If you cannot, then there is definitely something locking that file.

“Getting Started”: All the steps involved to get MDT 2010 functional. In the MDT Console, right click on “Deployment Shares” and select “New Deployment Share”.

I have a new system to image and the network controller is new to our environment so I Update the deployment share and regardless if I ask the system to completely regenerate the Boot media or Optimize it I get the same error below What steps have you taken to determine whether the file at 'D:\WDS\Boot\Lite Touch PE_x86.iso' is locked by some other process?

For the Zero Touch Installation of Windows 7 we can use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 SP2.

Here’s a message you will see when you try to run the UDI launcher: As for all the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit versions, the installation is a straight forward procedure: Just download, execute the installer and complete the installation wizard.

I have checked on the server to see if any files or shares were open and closed and restarted it.

I also tried moving the file to a new location and tried to have the tool completely regenerate the without luck. I did try to rename the file and got the following error "The action can't be completed because the file is open in System." I've tried to "Close the Handle" using Process Explorer and get the following error.

Within those posts we had the chance to review some step-by-step procedures to create customized images of Windows 7, including Microsoft Office 2007 and achieve an automatic deployment; using always the Beta version of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010. Wait for the process to complete and click on “Finish”. Select the “Destination directory name” and click on “Next”.


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