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Such protections are available only as to claims arising out of information provided by an information content provider other than the defendant.Online dating is becoming the most effective and efficient method of getting introduced to a large number of available singles.Your profile acts like your introduction to everyone and it tells people what they can expect from you.

If you don’t have the time, but want to find your perfect match, then Perfect Search is right for you!

Ninth Circuit holds that operator of online dating service is immunized by the Communications Decency Act ("CDA") from defamation, invasion of privacy, misappropriation of right of publicity and negligence claims arising out of the unauthorized posting on defendant's website by a third party of a fictitious dating profile.

Our clients are too busy to screen through singles who are below the quality they deserve and they simply don’t want to waste their time.

Our clients hire a personal agent with Perfect Search to recruit quality singles because they cannot afford to have their names and photos displayed on Internet dating services for the entire world to see.

This information was posted in response to a form questionnaire prepared by defendant to which all users of its service had to respond.

Court grants motion of defendants and Lycos for summary judgment, and dismisses claims of invasion of privacy, defamation, misappropriation of right of publicity and negligence brought against them by plaintiff Carafano, an actress.

There's the Arizona man who shelled out ,000 for plane tickets to fly in a Russian beauty who had written to him, breathlessly, "Every time, when I reading your letter, my mood become well and my heart is knocking so strong! Or the guy in Australia who defrauded a bunch of elderly people of their money to transport his Internet "girlfriend," a "North American model," to Australia. Still, even in the wake of all the alleged fraud and abuse, efforts to regulate Web dating have been limited.

In addition to the CDA, Congress last year enacted the Mail-Order Bride Business Act, which attempted to regulate the 200-plus mail-order bride services operating in this country.

Perfect Search is for those who want to be proactive about finding their perfect match, and don’t want to settle.

Unlike an Internet dating service, your personal agent is your personal headhunter.

Consider the number of marriages ending because one of the parties just met their one true love on Yahoo Personals.

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