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Granted, Ben finally did catch on to the ugly that is Courtney, but not before torturing us through the entire season and a pouty After The Final Rose where she played the little victim. These ladies didn’t get as much love in the press as some other “housewives”, but we really dug hanging out with the girls… Yes, they had their drama, but they were the only cast that seemed interested in actually resolving drama.There was a glass thrown and some nasty jabs hurled, but all in all, it was a pleasure watching these ladies.

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They welcomed their first child together, son Samuel Thomas, in July 2016.

BROKE UP just before Thanksgiving 2011, one year and three months after the finale aired.

According to the lawsuit, Johnson had outstanding warrants for assault at the time of the alleged attack.

She says Drake, Future, the arena and multiple others should have known that employing Johnson had the potential to cause a dangerous situation for others. We've reached out to Drake, Future and the arena ...

Drake and Future are being sued by a woman who claims she was raped at their concert by a man associated with the venue ... The woman -- listed as "Jane Doe" -- says she attended the duo's show at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville last August.

According to People, the woman claims she was approached by "a man associated with Bridgestone Arena" who told her he'd take her backstage to meet Drake and Future.From there, almost the last 100 pages of the book are dedicated to everything that happened after the day she got engaged in Switzerland, and the firestorm of media controversy Ben’s selection of her caused. It begins with her first account on waking up that morning in Switzerland on the day of the proposal, then background on her family, her upbringing, her dating history, and yes, her sex life.Followed by her journey on the show recounting what she remembers from each episode, then ending with her 11 month engagement to Ben. Only three prominent members from this franchise have really ever written a book – Trista Sutter, Shawntel Newton, and Melissa Rycroft – none of which I ever read.Sure, she shares some things along the way that maybe the average viewer didn’t know about when it comes to the filming/production of this show, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been out there publicly already.The Reality of 2012 According To Two Winey Bitches Once again, we can’t let 2012 sneak off in a walk of (reality) shame without our usual shout-outs to those that made our year worthy and cringe-worthy.


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