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According to a news release, some suspects sent pornographic photos of themselves, while some asked for nude pictures of the children to be sent to them.

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To bridge this lack of awareness, Yao Sifan, an 18-year-old Beijing high school student, is founded a platform where the information about sex education is out and open to all.

This predominant ignorance among the youth of the country has led Yao to create Rodoko.

In Singapore, the relationship between love and money is a bit too close for comfort.

First dates are often filled with excessive talk of careers and income, while a marriage proposal is usually a sign that it's time to pick up the keys to your BTO flat.

“I had this idea because when I was small, I watched a ghost movie.…

The women in the movie got the devil’s baby, [and] when the day comes, the woman’s belly opened,” said Chao, 23, a user, living in Beijing.But before meeting up, the girls ask for money, the most common request being to buy Alipay or i Tunes credits.Some men are unsuspecting enough to pay multiple times before realising they've been duped.For some reason, We Chat has also become a hotbed of escorts looking for their next customer.What starts out as a harmless text conversation turns steamy when the women reveal that they're offering sexual services, and the men agree to meet them to do the deed.Sheriff Grady Judd will hold a news conference today at 11 a.m.

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