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Everybody in the Armbrust Pro gym, my second home, thanks for all the push and encouragement (and sorry if I missed saying hi in the last couple of weeks).

All the Denver/Armbrust Pro Gym crew that were in Vegas, you were fantastic, all your warmth and love gave me wings.

Sean Marshall, thanks for the support and patience.

Sara Hurrle Ifbb Physique Pro, I am proud of you, your 3rd place in the first Ms Physique Olympia ever is a huge achievement.

However what I have as well as one of the best looks in bodybuilding …is knowledge. not just competitive my real care these days is with regular people and their health over competitive cool news for U.

I was taught by 70s 80s bodybuilders and fitness people shit you can’t read on the internet, it’s something that’s instictive the last person to ask my advice this yr won her first pro show. my passion also reaches out to those who want to drop that 20 lbs 40, 60. K people is I can now meet you as well as talk to you.I hope that many of you still support me and realize what a simple town girl achieved, it took me 9 years before I competed in the 2001 ms Olympia and to date in the past decade am the 2nd best bodybuilder to come from website contains my heart and soul of this project with a lot of fun, this site is huge as I have done more photo shoots and video shoots than I can count without photo shop!so I am sure there is something for everyone here to enjoy, just make sure you wear a sock …… I must focus on the longer term it’s just a fact of my life as I turn 37.I hope for now you can respect this and still love me for what I have given my life….bodybuilding. In the new year I will post a new cell/mobile number plus I will reply to anyone whom wants my help with their health and fitness goals or comp goals the 1st week on in January.For those who like a little tease please check out new footage done this year at 71258.Phil Heath, our Mr Olympia 2013, whose presence in the same gym where I train alone motivated me to push harder and who's 'lion' attitude in defending his title was magic to witness.


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