Sybil summers and richie whitt dating celebrating 100 days of dating

This page lists awards announced in the 2002 Queen's Birthday honours lists for the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

If there’s one thing that I believe has caused me to be so intrigued and engrossed about this huge flip-flop at 105.3 The Fan, it would be the people I met as my time as a Fan fan.

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I pop into a remote or station event from time to time but have never met any Ticket employee. I am just a guy who spends a lot of time in a vehicle and whose employer doesn't tell him to turn off the radio in his work area. From an Anonymous commenter to the last post, I offer the following. But it's not sensationalistic, it has the ring of truth.

Bosses change, and what was OK one day might not be OK the next.

"Let's, um, yeah, okay, this is it, let's get in a fight on the air.

"Here's, okay, yeah, here's what we need to do," he says, eyes wild, mouth cotton-dry and words speeding yet slurring.

Result: breakdown of professionalism and discipline. Sometimes no choice but to get out the brooms, which CBS eventually determined to do. But the insight and bits of scuttlebutt he gave me were interesting so I thought I'd pass them along. Whitt has always maintained that it's advertising dollars that matter, not ratings.

Here's the comment from Anonymous, who has my thanks: Talked to a buddy of mine today who is in the industry. Well ratings don't matter as much as we think and so they're not the end all be all measure of success.

Just about everyone I’ve talked to who knew of him and isn’t currently on CBS Radio’s payroll has little respect for him, and I’ve talked to people outside this small circle I’m mentioning here.

The problem I have with him isn’t the bottom line of RAGE getting canned – it was how everything was handled.

In her free time, Sybil works with DFW Rescue Me and Legacy Humane Society.

She loves traveling, going to the lake, reading, running, hosting girls-only poker parties, swimming, scrapbooking, playing leg guitar, and making up songs for her dogs. She lives in Mc Kinney with her husband Richie and her two fur babies, Biff Barkley and Duncan.

Williams is a compulsive, diabolical liar I neither trust, respect nor want to work alongside ever again.


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