Rg1 register not updating Adult hookup fredericksburg va

Now I found that few of the deleted material documents were correct.

Now if I again go to J1I5 to update RG1 register for that particular material document, system shown an error.

This section provides overviews of entries in the excise registers, balance entries for RG1 register, RG1 table update for excise duty, payment of interest for excise duty, and the PLA credit confirmation.

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In config side i assign the movement type 561 relevant to excise. When I run update RG1 register the system displays the the list contains no data. K For updating RG1 register, Go to transactioln J1I5, Enter company code, Plant, and excise group, Posting date. In the classification field enter ROP and select RG1.

If you execute you will get all the 561 Movement posted.

Please confirm Yes, RG-1 is prepared on daily base if there is no production then that day's record can shown with zero production or removal & we have to maintain this as per Manfactured item wise or Tarriff wise for which we have registered.

This detail also help in preparing relevant record eg.revenue fig.retuns etc.

It adds the debit and credit amounts that you enter on AII and CII tabs to the closing balance for debit and credit amounts for the respective tax types in the F75I310Y table.

For CVD HCess, the system updates the debit and credit closing balances by adding debit and credit amounts that you enter on AII and CII tabs to the F75I311 table.

These registers are the PLA, Cenvat credit RM, and Cenvat credit CG registers.

You must set processing options to: You can create an entry in the duty payment register only for the current month for an excise unit.

It retrieves opening balances, debit amounts, credit amounts, and closing balances for CVD and CVD Cess from the F75I310Y table and for CVD HCess from the F75I311 table.

The system updates the debit closing and credit closing balances for CVD and CVD Cess in the F75I310Y table.

Also need to clarify if there has been no production or sale i.e.


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