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Encyclopedia uses a hard not normative lexicon fixed in the rules of the project.The participants of the project of Wikipedia have the notation «Wiki homosexual».

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Interestingly, the shame and self-loathing from the posters that seems to be apparent in most "gay for a trap" threads is generally absent when Jun is the subject. De-Lucks was released, which did feature Jun transforming into a girl but did not feature any actual sex.

Jun has proved so popular in both the Japanese and American fan audience that a recent remake of the game, Happiness! For those not willing to completely abandon their heterosexuality, Jun's story path gives you the option to turn him into a girl with magic and have sex with him in either boy or girl form. In terms of overall confusing men about their sexuality, Jun has a long way to go to catch up to Bridget, but he's made considerable inroads in a short period of time and stands a good chance to do so.

Eventually he was temporarily banned from /a/ and returned later under the (lengthy) name "Hi, I'm Char Aznable and this is Jackass", with his modus operandi shifted from complaining about My Hi ME to complaining about Gundam SEED Destiny and animes made by the Sunrise animation studio in general.

Since Gundam SEED Destiny is generally acknowledged to suck, this doesn't really make him stand out from the crowd.

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Some /b/tards still regard 11/3/05 as the greatest single day in the history of /b/.

At midnight the theme of /b/ changed once again, this time shifting to a pink background littered with Mc Donald's restaurant logos, moving Javascript Golden Arches pop-ups, and the background music changed to an insipid Mc Donald's TV jingle from the late 1980s ("Big Mac, Filet 'O Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries/ Icy Coke, Thick Shake, Sundaes, Apple Pies! Pleas to bring back Cotton-Eye Joe went unheeded, and the three-day continuous hack concluded with a whimper rather than a bang.

With the title of /b/ re-named to "All Hail Xenon", moot proclaimed that this date would "be henceforth known as: The Day Of The Xenon." Rednex cover of Cotton Eye Joe, released in 1995, was set to play on /b/ the day after 'The Day of Xenon'.

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