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UNESCO just wants kids to jump on the "UN is the new world government and you must interfere in everyone else's business and dump the constitutional republic for world government so we can control the world!!!!

" Some Republicans in the New Hampshire state legislature believe that the IB program is a pilot program of the United Nations and UNESCO that promotes a socialist agenda.

The same scheme was later applied to the Greek mainland and the Cyclades Islands to form a general plan for dating events of the prehistoric and early historic Aegean.

The relative chronology is based on the shapes and decorative styles of pottery found at many sites on Crete and elsewhere.

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Note the central courtyard, the columned porticos, the agglutinative architecture, the frequent light wells and the lack of defenses.

Not shown are the extensive water supply and sanitation systems.

Carbapenems resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) infections are increasing worldwide.

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