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Discussing Your Past Divulging Important Information Avoiding Common Mistakes Community Q&A Whether you’ve been seeing someone for a couple of weeks or a couple of years, discussing your past can be tricky.

While it’s important to be honest, it’s also important to consider your new partner’s feelings.

Discuss your dating history effectively by having an honest conversation, informing them of necessary information, and avoiding common issues.

Although dating can be a challenge without adding polyamory or distance between partners, commonalities with gender identity have proved a benefit instead of a complication between Clark and her partners.“I think we have a bit more empathy for each other.

[My partners] are very open to whatever is happening,” Clark said.

Normani Kordei said, "For me, it’s kind of the opposite, cause I feel like in a way I can be so intimidating with me not even knowing it, and then the guy doesn’t call you and you’re like, 'I’m cute! Come here.' And then it’s like, 'is there something wrong with me? Seriously, it's crazy to think about that even though they are international stars, they still have insecurities like we all do! Dinah Jane finished off with the most amazing quote ever.

“I’ve always been very loving and caring, and there’s always been another person involved there,” Clark said.

“I think they really enjoy this network we’ve created.

If I was dating two [cisgender] people, I don’t think there would be as easy of a friendship there because there wouldn’t be a shared bond.”“Dating other trans and gender nonconforming people is just an added comfort level,” Lasker said.

Possibly, but I’ve witnessed that there are so many approached to dating with endless goals in dating, that it’s not uncommon to hear something that is quite opposite of what YOU think is wise or acceptable. In your circle of friends, do you talk about dating–guys and girls alike?

Which ones have the most fun stories, and are you able to see each other’s flaws, good qualities, how those dating complement each other (or don’t), and learn from each other?

Do you have great conversations when you talk about dating with your friends?


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