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These changes are known as typology, and the typological identification is crucial to the dating.Other types of artifacts that retain the same shape over long periods of time are less certainly dated when out of context.

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A secondary dating method, a rule-of-thumb chronological framework of time periods, may be used when an artifact's context is not known, as often occurs for artifacts in museum collections.

This framework is based on changes in the shape, size, and manufacturing techniques of projectile points (spear points and arrowheads) over time- changes that are known by the dating of projectile points from excavated contexts.

The beautifully renovated and restored barn, with its open-beamed ceiling, wood plank walls and floor, and old-fashioned brass chandeliers, is the epitome of rustic elegance.

It’s spacious enough for dining with a dance floor, and there’s extra seating on a pair of mezzanines.

They have been dated based on their typology and the chronological framework of time periods.

The time periods and date ranges used are based on Jeff Boudreau’s typology of New England projectile points.

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Located only 30 miles west of Boston, this family-owned retreat is set on four acres of lawn surrounded by 40 acres of organic gardens, forest and corn fields.


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