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Smith married Virginia Donald in 1987, but divorced in 1993. "Because of that, I've really witnessed the most ridiculous stuff happen in the world in the last 20 years." Smith said he distracted himself by covering story after story, and at one point, reported for 89 consecutive days without one day off. And, by the way, you’re on television on the craziest conservative network on Earth. And then I met George Weinberg, the psychologist who coined the term 'homophobia,' and he helped me figure it out." Smith never came out publicly, he said, because "I didn't think I was in." “I go to work, I manage a lot of people.

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After the six years, they decided to part their ways and took a divorce. But there was a rumor that the reason for the divorce was the sexual orientation of Shepard Smith i.e. After the rumor, there are many questions which would arise in your mind. According to the Gawker, he may be romantically linked with a fellow Fox News staff named Giovanni Graziano, commonly known as “Gio.” Gio joined Fox News as a production assistant in 2011.

He was later transferred to Fox Business Network as an associate producer for Varney and Co.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of their relationship, the couple met sometime after Graziano started working at in October 2011 as a production assistant.

He’s the man with whom Smith frequents Bathtub Gin.

The politics of a not-so-openly gay man working at a news outlet that routinely bashes the LGBT community aside, isn’t Smith worried about pooping where he eats? The story claims Smith got Graziano transferred to Fox Business News last year, to work on Gawker has been trying to reach out to Graziano, whose Linked In profile claims is still at Fox Business, but the young upstart “has not returned multiple emails sent to three different email addresses, a Linked In message, five text messages, and three voicemails left on his cell phone.” Um, ya think maybe he doesn’t want to talk to you?

During a speech at his alma matter, University of Mississippi's Meek School of Journalism, last month, the Fox News anchor opened up for the first time publicly about his sexuality, revealing that he is gay.

Before the marriage, they shared the perfect bound with each other.

But initially, the problems arise in their marital life. Both of them preferred to keep their mouth closed regarding the divorce.

People are eager to know whether he is homosexual or straight.

Shepard Smith previously shared the marital relationship with Virginia Donald. Virginia Donald was the crush of Shepard from the beginning.

Sadly, after the time interval of six and more years, the two decided to get a divorce. Well, they both haven’t provided any official reason for the divorce like every other divorced pair, but there were rumors that the causes of the divorce were the Smith was a man with 'gay' sexual orientation.

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