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As the season finale of The Walking Dead approaches, Ed Power talks to the stars of the world’s most popular television drama. As comparison, imagine Game Of Thrones dispensing with Jon Snow and Ser Jorah Mormont in the same 60 minutes, with no hope of a magic-assisted reprieve. That wasn’t the sources of the controversy, however.The biggest television controversy of 2016 kicked off on October 23. The real shock was the grisly degree to which their deaths were lingered over.I've never personally found Maggie Gyllenhaal attractive, but that's ok..

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finally, her face isn't classic Hollywood beautiful, so close-ups on her don't help.

I know I am sounding incredibly harsh and shallow, and I don't mean to.

—but it was city council member Al Rochester who lit the first spark.

Over martinis at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle in January 1955, Rochester, who’d drummed up business for the A-Y-P’s exotic dance shows as a boy, floated his idea for a grand 50-year anniversary to the chamber of commerce director and a reporter.

One year turned to two and more as his job expanded to include responsibility for all foreign country exhibits.

The skills he developed negotiating with the governments of Great Britain and Taiwan were later brought to bear in dealing with prominent artists such as Dale Chihuly and Morris Graves.By February, the governor of Washington had signed a bill creating a World Fair Commission and appointed hotelier Eddie Carlson as chair.“If you want to get an important job done, ask the busiest man in town,” the mused, after Carlson instituted regular 7am breakfast meetings of the committee.Carlson thought big: Before the year was up, plans were unfolding for a world’s fair and a new civic center.With the added brainpower of Gandy and general manager Ewen Dingwall—a former mayoral assistant—Rochester’s nostalgia-driven festival soon became the Century 21 Exposition, the fair of the future.“It definitely takes its toll,” says actor Josh Mc Dermitt, who plays Eugene.

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