Dating like 1960s tall women dating site

(Or phone, if you’re lucky, but many of these guys probably weren’t.) On top of THAT, you had to use full photos of your real face.

Image credit: NASA › View larger image Image above: Inside the Launch Control Center, personnel watch as the Saturn V rocket carrying the Apollo 11 astronauts lifts off the launch pad on July 16, 1969.

Image credit: NASA › View larger image That proclamation by President John F.

You: (1) Suggest going to a movie instead (2) Monopolize your roommate’s date leaving your roommate with only one noble alternative.

(3) Dance with your date, smiling weakly, but end the evening as early as possible.

The female of the species was very much a second-class citizen.

One of the featured exhibits is a Woman's Way magazine cover from 1967 displaying the ideal wife laying out a lavish spread for a dinner party.

Whilst researching it I seemed to find an awful lot more about getting a mail order bride sent to me from Russia than I found out about the origins of computer assisted love.

studying anything computer related, so you can forget your jokes about why geeks might have needed to enlist a computer in order to get a date.

(4) Act very friendly the whole time and run the risk of getting trapped into a second date.

Dating seemed so sedate back then - I’m not certain there is an appropriate option there for Ashley Cole for example. Thankfully I haven’t been able to track down any performances of that!

14, 1966, the towering Saturn V rocket rolls out of the Vehicle Assembly Building and heads for Launch Pad 39A.

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