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In this case I added, deleted, and modified a list of books wrote on a paper.I need to do all of this, before save it into the data base. You need to understand what a Data Table object is.I am using a List box and some Text boxes to enter new data.

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Of course, this also assumes that you plan to choose a mechanism to limit the number of input rows. column in the fetch query, and if there is, the TACW uses this column to manage concurrency.

You can also choose to disable the post-change fetch, which returns the newly added or updated row to keep the local and specify the appropriate stored procedure to fetch the rows.

This article was written based upon Visual Studio 2008.

Some of the features are new for Visual Studio 2008 and might be different in Visual Studio 2010.

So i can make changes to the customer details, and when i press save, it changes the value in the datagridview of the main form manually, like this I've tried many ways, using the update Command, parameter method, and also the Updatecommand with the hardcoded SQL string method.

But seems like the record is still not being updated. What other choices do you have when you need to generate and execute the action commands? If you want to use bound controls and let the are table-based, not set-based, paradigms.They're designed to work with a rowset "bound" to a specific (single) table, so they might not really be suitable at all.In this example, I simply checked the "Customers" table in the list of available tables, views, and stored procedures.This generates a SELECT query that includes all columns from the table without a WHERE clause.You will need to use a database; either a SQL Server or an Access database will work.


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