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Replacing an entire set of kitchen cabinets is an expensive undertaking, especially when cabinets in this room are numerous.

Outdated cabinets, though they may seem less than attractive, often haven't lost their functionality and need not be discarded just for being behind the times.

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Most drawer pulls are available in several sizes based on how they attach to the drawer.

Now, we're getting a bit more complicated and I would suggest calling a professional to help you with this project.

Replacing the hardware on cabinets -- generally the hinges, handles or knobs -- is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to give those cabinets an entirely new vibe.

This is especially effective if the existing cabinet hardware is outdated or doesn't match your sense of decor, such as large black hinges that suit a rustic kitchen but not a contemporary, modern room.

(the decorations in the picture are the previous owners, but the black appliances will be staying).

Sent by Annie Editor: Leave your suggestions for Annie in the comments - thanks! An extra hard scrubbing or refinishing of the cabinet face may be in order.If you're giving the cabinets an entirely new finish, prepping the current surfaces is required for optimal results with the new look.Q: My husband and I will soon be closing on our dream house in the country.Sadly, it does not come with a dream kitchen — the cabinets are oak and I hate them. My husband will not allow any painting and/or staining of these cabinets under any circumstances.Ryan, those pesky, dated kitchen cabinets can simply ruin an otherwise great house.

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