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You have probably heard the term “cutting” and likely have some misperceptions about it.

Teens use many different items to cut (e.g., razor blades, scissors, pens, bottle tops, etc.), and it occurs in a variety of body locations (e.g., arms, legs, genital area, abdomen, etc.). Young people of all ethnicities, ages, and income levels intentionally harm themselves.

Cutting is most common among adolescent, Caucasian females who come from intact, middle- to upper-class families.

In addition to this there are also MARTOR safety knives which can be used specially as film cutters, cardboard knives or bag openers because of their special handle and blade properties.

The safety techniques built into MARTOR safety knives include the hidden blade (SECUMAX = highest work protection), the fully automatic blade retraction (SECUPRO = very high work protection) and the automatic blade retraction (SECUNORM = high work protection).

Often, cutters have an underlying mental and/or eating disorder.

Also, they might have been sexually, physically or verbally abused.

Examples of self-harm include cutting the skin with objects, scratching the skin, picking wounds so they can’t heal, biting or burning oneself, and more harmful instances that include hitting one’s head or breaking bones.

Of the many types of self-harm, cutting is the most common.

The Solingen knife company has a wide range of high-quality utility blades available for all of its cutting tools: trapezoid blades, hook blades, industrial blades, scraper blades, deburring blades, graphic blades, scalpel blades etc.

PVC, rubber, leather, styrofoam and foam quickly and reliably, to open bagged goods and to cut through straps and adhesive tape.

by Diana Bulls Christmas is just around the corner and I bet most of you will be baking at least one batch of cookies.

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