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"Must..." constraints are normally seen as the last choice because there is never any flexibility on these tasks to change without a direct edit of the individual task by the project manager. Avoid creating predecessor/successor task relationships between summary tasks.

We know Microsoft Project's software allows this functionality, but you will find that it causes issues as work progresses and the inevitable project schedule changes occur. Summary task resource assignments calculate "level of effort" work to the assigned resource.

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I couldn’t get my project to recalculate after I changed the time in the duration column.

My Tasks are linked with predecessors and the tasks are set to Auto Schedule.

These basic practices are often ignored when working in applications like Microsoft Project, but they can become problematic when you attempt to manage a schedule in a highly visible online environment. Avoid the temptation to set too many deadlines on tasks.

We all have deadlines, but setting them in the schedule before having all of the work defined only makes the process more difficult.

Working in Project is similar to publishing and refreshing work items using Office Excel, with a few differences as described later in this topic.

You can also manage projects using Project Professional and Project Server synchronized with TFS , but you can't use Project Professional to both publish and refresh to TFS and synchronize with TFS.

When you indent tasks and then publish your plan, you create parent-child links between work items.

Tasks will show up on the task board when they are assigned to the current sprint.

How Do I Auto Calculate Project Duration Dates MS Project?

One of your default values in the Project options is off. After hitting OK you should be back at your project screen and the project should be updated to reflect the auto calculated dates.

Although the work tracking system tracks predecessor-successor dependencies as work item links, it does not track dependency types, lead and lag time, or other constraints that Project does.

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