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This is partly because of the mood-alternating experience of the sexual activity where a powerful cocktail of chemicals are released by the body.

Yet for many parents what their children are doing online is a mystery.

Children themselves however continue to push the boundaries with possibilities that are almost endless. The internet will not go away and we encourage everyone to use it and maximise it for all the legitimate opportunities it creates.

The internet is now integral to the lives of our children.

It is omnipresent and in many households now acts as a new member of each family.

Specialist help for people affected by a physical health and disability aged between 18 and 65 and their carers and also advice for people affected by cancer.

Contact Number: 08 Website: Opening Times: 365 Days a year - Seven days a week.For many people the first step is to talk to a trusted adult such as a parent, teacher or counsellor.Your GP can offer expert support such as diagnosing your condition and exploring your treatment options with you.For the potential offender our message is even simpler.As this programme rolls out you will not know if the person you are grooming is now alert to the dangers and only a few clicks away from reporting you to us. Paul Goggins, Minister for Security and Policing and Chairman of the Organised Crime Taskforce in Northern Ireland welcomed this campaign by endorsing the programme and formally opening today’s conference.The emotional consequences with feelings of isolation, guilt and shame can often re-ignite the addiction and send the addict spiralling back into the behaviours as a way to cope.

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