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We have EXTENSIVE records on the ancestors (original emmigrant - Thomas Mc Spadden - from Co. 1740) and descendents of almost all branches of this family. Members of the family settled in Barry County, MO and Benton Counton AR in the 1850's. Their children include Rosanna Elizabeth, Thomas, Jane Matilda, Samuel B., Nicolas Briles, Daniel L., William Mc Kinnely, James K, Joseph Green, Adam Carter III, Caleb Winfrey (Uncle Doc), Mary Angeline and Nancy Emmaline. Name I am prepared to aid with queries on this surname, in Benton County, and elsewhere. Pauline Laughlin Thu Aug 15 1996 Will the "Westman" @who has information about the Deans family of Benton Co., AR please contact me.

SURNAMES: ALEXANDER, BAYLESS, BLAIR, BROWN, CALHOUN, CAMPBELL, COON / COONS / GOHN / KUHN / KONE / KOON, COWAN, EWING, GIBBS, GILBERT, HENDERSON, HOUSTON / HUSTON, HUMPHREYS, KELLY, LEWIS, LOWERY, LYLE, MAGILL, Mc SPADDEN, MILLER, OSBORN(E), PARMAN, PAXTON, SCHNEIDER / SNIDER / SNYDER, STRAIT / STRAIGHT, THOMAS, THOMPSON, TODD, WALKER, WHITEACRE / WHITEKER / WHITAKER. Alysse Lemery Rasmussen Tue Jul 23 1996 Am looking for any information on the descendants of William Wise Tharp & Marry Jane Healey of Siloam Springs, Benton County, AR. I'm seeking information on descendants and related families. Appreciate any information about her and her family. Jan Christy Sat Aug 17 1996 Researching the following: Descendants of Alfred Payne Alfred Payne Abt 1834-1906 Nancy Brewer Davis Millie Draper - Abt 1887 2.

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I love you, because you are helping me to make of the lumber of my life, not a tavern, but a temple. The family extends many thanks for the beautiful floral offerings and also appreciate the kindness and assistance of their neighbors and friends during the sad bereavement of their husband and father]; [Research Note: Death record differs from family records, in stating name as: Jacob Homer Greene, died , Xenia, Greene, Ohio; burial ; birth date given as , in Ohio, having no exact birth place recorded; he is correctly noted as stone mason, married, son of Andrew Green, father, born Pennsylvania; his mother, Matilda Thompson, also born Pennsylvania]; [Jacob Green, listed as an employee of the Hennessey Brothers & Evans Company, of Chicago, Contractors of the Green County Court House; , Xenia, O.; from Images of America, Greene County Ohio Time Capsule of 1901.];, were baptized at the same time and place, on 14 June 1908, in a creek at Xenia, Greene, Ohio, USA. California & there joined Whaler William Baylies Steam & Sail. Discharged at end of trip & went back to USA on a British Liner: White Star. - Kelly Martin Mc Kean, born , Riverside, Riverside, California; died , Florence, Boone, Kentucky; [] - [Jesse Mc Kean; Shaun Mc Kean; Kade Mc Kean; (sons; all of St. I am not sure but I think I made a wrong statement, when I said it was Hazel and my Grandfather's brother, that had his ship that brought Tea from England, confiscated, when conflict came, but it was near ancestry, as Uncle Andy (Andrew) told Pearly." "Mother always claimed she was a Dunkard". My father, Jacob Hoover Greene, sometimes told stories of his youth using Dutch phrases, he learned as a child at home. - Mary Cora Morgan, born born ; died ; married , William P. - Helen Mullis, born ; died - Nancy Mullis; married Edwin Chuck Johnson - Charles C. Cover; (1880 Census - age 5, born 1875, in Ohio); buried ; married Etta M.

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